Osteopathic Mechanical Link




The cause having been identified then treated, a large number of secondary restrictions are now released.  Others, relatively few, may however still persist, in the case where several causes are responsible for the same complaint or several complaints... A method, also very precise, indicates the path to follow, how, in successive steps, to proceed with the treatment and most importantly when to end it, while keeping in mind the patient's complaint. The treatment ends when all the restrictions that have been identified have been neutralised, which usually requires a limited number of corrections. 

The Recoil is an original and specific correction technique, developed by the pioneers of the Osteopathic Mechanical Link.






The movement consists in the fingers releasing the blockage (restriction of elasticity) by applying a very brief and intense impulse against tissue resistance.  This technique, efficient without mobilisation, respects the integrity of the tissue physiology.  It is simple, precise, extremely quick in its execution and comfortable for the patient.  Since it is completely safe, it may be applied several times.  The recoil may be applied to all the structures of the body: articulations, nerves, arteries, bones, viscera or skin,...